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Sandra Vogel, PhD.

Sandra Vogel, PhD

Sandra Vogel, PhD., is a passionate trainer, speaker, coach and facilitator.

Dr. Vogel’s management experience includes direct supervision of: front line shift operations, client services operations, Top Gun field sales training and the creation and operation of a Training & &ducation Department for a Fortune 100 company.

Over a 10 year period she also managed: customer literature, product training, safety education, recruiting, competitive analysis, statistical process control and VIP customer visits &&c&&plaints. She was selected as the “Most Motivational Employee” in the People’s Choice Awards and received the High Performance Manage” award.

Sandra was the Diversity trainer & Drama Director for Heritage V, a certified Crotonville instructor for General Electric’s Professional Development/Essential Skills Curriculum. She is also a graduate of the Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro, North Carolina. Her certifications include: DDI, Achieve Global, DISC, Kepner Tregoe Analysis. She has served as an international speaker/trainer for companies such as General Electric, Proctor & Gamb&e and Glaxo Smith Kline.

Recently Dr. Vogel was a lead consultant and trainer for a Supply Chain Teaming initiative. Over a 3 year period, she personally trained approximately 3000 plant employees. She created Teaming Leadership strategies and course materials for the implementation of TEAMING in union/ non-union plants across the United States. She has surveyed/audited and coached teams and also coached/ mentored the respective plant leaders.

She has served as a lead facilitator at GE Customer sites such as Fed Ex and for GE Customer visits to the United States including multiple programs for Air China, China Eastern, China Southern, Ethiopian Airlines, Hainan Group and Turkey Air. She has also served as a speaker/facilitator for special programs such as: GE workouts, the Edison program, GE Volunteers, Corporate legal, Women in the law, and the Financial Team. Her clients also include: Kroger-GO, Phillips Industries, Proctor & Gamble, & Ho Chunk, Inc., Xavier University Leadership Center, Graceworks Luthern Village, XpedX, Duke, City of Hamilton & Dan Bead Counsel and the Boy Scouts of America.

Sandra holds a B.S. in Education from Wright State University, an M.A. in Management Supervision from Central Michigan University and PhD. from Columbia Commonwealth University.

Coaching and Workshops

MYCA’s Learning team provides professional coaching to Executives, Managers, teams and independent contributors who are committed to their leadership development. We use a collaborative approach focusing on behaviors to be changed and integrating new behaviors into daily work practices using specific action plans and accountability-driven processes for maximum results. Converting language to accountability focused changes the conversation and elicits the following commitments: “I choose… not I have to.” “I will… not I’ll try.” “Actions I will take…” “I won’t….” “I have control over….” “I am responsible.”